These Are 7 of the Strangest Things Ever Seen By Sex-Shop Employees


Sex shop employees see more than their fair share of strangeness. From the clueless to the kinkiest, they see it all! Here are 7 of the strangest things that sex shop employees have seen at work.

7Take-Out or Delivery?

My all time favorite was when I ordered Chinese food delivered there, and this sweet little old Asian man delivered it. He had never been in a porn shop before, and was like a kid in a candy store. He was asking what everything was and how it worked, and there was lots of laughter till we got to the dildo wall and he suddenly got furious. He pointed at this super small realistic dildo, think size of a finger, and he starts yelling angrily, “WHAT IS THIS?!?” I immediately took it to a racial place in my mind, thinking he thought it was an Asian dildo, but then he yells, “You sell dildos for children?!?” I laughed and explained that men and women just have many strange tastes for dildos, but that we only sell to adults. Awkward.