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A big change is coming to speed limits around the United States...

The open road, one things that hasn't been changed since the first highway in 1956. Although, with the introduction of self-driving cars there seems to be a new change coming to our roads.

It's been accepted by many people that self driving cars are here to stay. With Uber, Google, Tesla, and other car companies introducing their own technologies, we can expect them on the road any day now. There's been plenty of controversy, although most people agree that the road will contain ONLY self driving cars by 2020. The United States government passed an act that plans to slowly change speed limits to exact numbers. Meaning you'll start to see speed limits of 44, or 27, or 52. Why is this? The explanation given by the DMV says

"With self-driving cars becoming prominent in every day life, we believe it is time to roll out exact speed limits. These will be determined using statistical analysis for the stretch of road, past accidents, and other data."

What this means for the future of car driving, we do not know. We will update as we learn more about this controversial announcement.