Alt-Right’s New Email Service Scarier Than You Think

alt-right's email service inbox

That’s right, folks, the alt-right has found yet another way to co-opt the Internet. This time, it comes right from the 4Chan himself. Some readers may be unfamiliar with 4Chan. You might remember him as the infamous hacker who was responsible for The Fappening, back in 2014. The usurpation of popular meme Pepe and the breakfast staple milk seemingly wasn’t enough. In fact, the alt-right has been using this niche email service to coordinate attacks, send fake threats, and transfer illegal files.

Some Context To the Alt-Right and Email

Logo for alt-right email service

‘What could be the wicked email service these mischievous malfeasants use?’, you may ask. Fittingly, to represent its over proportionately male user base, it is called That’s right, and it’s not all either. allows users to choose from a host of misogynistic, racist, homophobic, islamophobic and antisemitic email hosts. These include:,, and In 2015, 2 school districts in New York and Los Angeles were sent bomb threats by one ‘edgelord’ teenager using this cock email service. In fact, the owner, Vincent Camfield, a known alt-right supporter gladly harbors this illegal content on his servers. Nor did he not comply to many of the subpoenas sent to him. Instead, as if he were a copycat Pirate Bay (a now-defunct illegal piracy site), he uploads all these requests to his website. Probably to mock the legal system we have here in the United States.

Why Its Relevant Now is being used to systematically hunt down and assault everyone the alt-right hates. Be it POC, vulnerable youth, feminists, basically anyone that isn’t white or upper middle class. Beth Kant, professor of Psychology at Princeton says: “I have seen instances where these people have used [] to harrass someone on twitter when they got blocked repeatedly. They were all on this Japanese imageboard and kept sending screenshots of all the terrible things they said to her.” Clearly, the situation has gotten out of hand. The owner won’t do anything either, because he’s too high up on his horse to care about the poor POCs which racism and sexism affect everyday.

What You Can Do Right Now To Stop This

We are gathering signatures for a petition. All you need to do is comment using your Facebook profile and tell us why you are signing, and share this post with your friends to do the same thing. Hopefully, if we get enough signatures, we will be able to take this straight to the Department of Justice. If we stop the alt-right lunatics to take down their cesspool of an email server, we can stop the systemic racism, bigotry and sexism in our nation.