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American Hacker Group Confesses to DNC Hacks

Chicago, IL — In an exclusive interview with The American Tribune, a US-based group of hackers has taken responsibility for the hacks on the DNC and John Podesta, campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton, putting into question the widely held belief that the hacks were done by the Russian government. The group, who refer to themselves as F33LTH3B3RN, claims that they conducted the hacks in an attempt to expose Hillary Clinton and the DNC for tampering with the primaries. “We felt that Bernie was being treated very unfairly by the DNC, and we wanted to prove it”, said a member of F33LTH3B3RN, “a simple phishing email and we were in. You’d be surprised how dumb these people are. Maybe not though, considering how well they run this country”. This would not be the first time that this kind of attack was successfully used on a high-ranking government official; Former CIA director John Brennan had his AOL account hacked by a pair of teenage stoners last year.

When these hacks occurred, much of the media coverage on them was about whether or not Russia was responsible for the hack, and not much attention was paid to the actual content of the leaks. The main reasoning behind the belief that the Russians were behind the hack was similarities to past Russian hacks. In regards to this, F33LTH3B3RN said that “of course we copied the Russians, they’re the best! Why wouldn’t we copy them?” Given the skill and expertise of Russian hackers, many question the idea that use of similar techniques to known Russian attacks would indicate that those behind this attack were also Russian, as that would be uncharacteristically careless. However, hackers frequently model new attacks off of known vulnerabilities using previously successful techniques, and it appears that is the case here.

The hacks revealed a systematic bias against Bernie Sanders in the primaries, as well as an inside look at some rather questionable activities by the Clinton campaign. F33LTH3B3RN said that they were rather upset that Wikileaks took so long to publish the leaks, "the hacks were done well before the primaries were over”, and that they wished that the hacks “could have done more to help Bernie”. They denied having any allegiance to Donald Trump, and expressed regret to the fact that they may have helped Trump in the elections,

While the veracity of these claims may be questionable, they are no less credible than claims of an attempt by the Russian government to interfere with the presidential election.