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Arnold Schwarzenegger LOVES Ted Cruz

Fading quietly into the limelight, Ted "The Lion" Cruz hasn't given up his dreams of the White House. With the upcoming electoral decision, the Lion gained notice of "The Governator" himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"The delegates Dahnald..." Cruz's voice rasps over the speakers in Arnold's personal gym.

Friends of the former governor of California claim that Arnold talks to Ted constantly. Apparently their huge fans of one another's accomplishments.

Although these claims have yet to be validated by their source. I think it's safe to say we haven't seen the last of Arnold, and that...

Cruz Will Be Back

The unlikely pair was overheard discussing their starkly different views on immigration at a popular D.C. pizzeria. Despite a heated argument, Cruz kept his cool demeanor. The disagreement ended in a hug, a handshake, then a trip to the bathroom stalls (presumably to compete in the game "Rocket Plops", which is popular among the Washington youth).

Leaving like comets in the night sky, they rushed for the door, seemingly unaware that they were announcing how the electoral college should be abolished to prevent EVIL from gaining power.

Surely, Lion Ted will need the courage on the road he's taken.