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BREAKING: Jill Stein Promised EPA Position by Clinton for Recount

It is believed that Jill Stein was offered the position of Director of the Environmental Protection Agency by Hillary Clinton in exchange for filing for a recount and assisting Clinton in raising support for this coup de grâce of sorts. The Washington Times Examiner reports that it has received leaked emails from a confidential source that includes an email exchange between Clinton and Stein, in which Clinton asks Stein for her participation in filing a recount in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Stein, the 2016 Green Party Candidate, has been under scrutiny after she was caught embezzling funds for the recount effort for personal use. The fact that there is pay-to-play going on within the Clinton camp in an effort to overturn the results of a fair election is disconcerning.

The leaked emails also purport to show that the Clinton Foundation would donate to Stein's future campaigns in exchange for her help in overturning the election, and making Hillary Clinton the new President-Elect instead of Donald Trump. Recently released documents from Wikileaks also show that Stein and Clinton had been working together since June 2016 in order to create an alliance to defeat Donald Trump.

This is a breaking story and we will update this post as more information becomes available.