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BREAKING: Mia Khalifa Chosen to Drop Times Square Ball

According to a podcast released at 7:30 AM EST on December 31, former adult film star Mia Khalifa will be in charge of dropping the famous ball on Times Square on midnight.

Many parents across the nation are concerned about Khalifa's bad influence on their children.

Local mother Stefanie Gray, along with many others, "refuse to let their children watch the ball drop this year," citing Khalifa's former career as the primary reason.

Area father Peter Wessel, however, has a different point of view. "My kids are just going to be more curious about her if I don't let them watch the ball drop, so why not just let them?", he told The American Tribune. "Besides, I'll be enjoying the view."

Despite the controversy, people are celebrating this historic decision. Some even say it is a "landmark decision" for intersectional feminism, allowing women of color to earn more representation on national television.