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Clinton Foundation said to be flying in #NoDAPL protesters to inflate numbers

It's no secret that The Clinton Foundation's fundraising methods have come under hard scrutiny from many sources. The foundation has taken funds from foreign governments during former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s, time in office. This alone is enough to raise ethical concerns, but new information has come to light that should raise even more eyebrows.

A controversial movement, known as #NoDAPL, designed to stop the planned construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has been going on for weeks. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton has taken a tight-lipped stance on the protests.

What could cause Clinton, and by extension, The Clinton Foundation, to have such a secretive stance on this issue? The investigative journalism team at The American Tribune thinks there’s more to this than meets the eye. Namely, the miraculous appearance of thousands of protesters in Standing Rock, North Dakota. As evidenced by the increase in Facebook check-in activity, multitudes of people from across the world have shown up to join in the protests. And how did all these people pay to fly to North Dakota? With the funds from deep-pocketed limousine liberal donors of course! The Clinton Foundation is one such organization funded by bleeding heart, clicktivist, limousine liberals with sordid reputation and very deep pockets.