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Confirmed: Clinton Family To Be Indicted

As earlier reported by FOX's Bret Baier, a controversial report out of Globe confirms that the international "charity organization" known as the 'Clinton Foundation', run by: Chelsea, Bill and most notably, the defeated 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are finally being indicted and will undoubtedly face the music played by the court of public opnion.

A federal grand jury in Brooklyn is set return a criminal indictment on the mafioso style Clinton organization which federal prosecutors allege served functionally as little more than a face for the lavish slush fund designed to fund the extravagant lifestyle of the aforementioned treasonous American opportunists .

A substantiating story in the Boston Globe confirms previous rumors about the impending indictments of the highest order. The totality of U.S. governmental history has never recorded an aging statesman, male or female, facing the level of potential public scrutiny as seen in the potential outcomes theorized by trial lawyers close to The American Tribune.

Coming almost immediately on the heels of the uncouth outcry of an abatement towards public interest & support for so called "fake news" made by the aging stateswoman at a poorly reported retirement party for Harry Reid (D-NV), the satisfying Globe story made it's way to public discourse. Only time will tell if the #pizzagate linked public servants can pull a Mena 2.0 and evade the gratifying sequestration of a life sentence to be served at ADX Florence.