Cops Are Going Undercover to Catch You Doing This In Your Car


With the increasing adoption of automated driving technology by the auto industry, the role of the driver has become less and less. While many new cars require little driver interference in most situations, drivers should remain alert at all times, in case they need to take over. Unfortunately, with not much to do, people have been resorting to, well, doing it.

In an effort to fight this troubling trend, police have been going undercover in attempt to catch couples in the act. In Georgia, cops have put on construction worker uniforms in order to pull over drivers who were having sex behind the wheel. They’ve even panhandled on the sidewalk in order to see whether any passing cars were doing it. Similarly, multiple cops in Tennessee have boarded a large bus in order to get a high vantage point, which allows them to better see which drivers are having sex.

Two cops reported that within two hours of spying on drivers, they saw all sorts of sexual acts taking place in the front seat. From road-head, to groping, to full on penetrative sex on the freeway, people were getting a lot more than from A to B.

If caught, having sex on road can land drivers not only in jail, but on the sex offenders list as well. The American Tribune strongly discourages having sex while driving. Please keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your dick in your pants.