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DISTURBING: Man Receives Aborted Fetus in "Secret Santa" Gift Exchange

A Little Rock, Arkansas resident was disturbed to find a gift-wrapped box containing an aborted fetus in his mail after participating in an online "Secret Santa" exchange.

28-year old Robert Vieria said joining the exchange would be "a fun way" to connect with his high school classmates.

"It's been 10 years, and we wanted all Fayetteville High School East alumni to remember and connect with each other," said Vieria. "My giftee moved out to Florida a while back and it would be a fun way for him to remember that someone still thinks about him."

The shocked recipient had no idea what he was going to receive, however.

"I opened my Secret Santa gift in front of my entire family. Out came a bloodied aborted fetus. Everyone was in shock".

The man suspects that the aborted fetus came from his high school ex-girlfriend, but so far his gifter is still unknown.