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Donald Trump to Mandate American Flags for Every Household… But Guess Who’s Paying For It!

Given the recent controversy regarding the desecration of the American flag, and whether or not the first amendment ought to protect it as an act of free speech, concerned citizens nation-wide have stormed to the forefronts of social media with their positions. President-elect Donald Trump recently tweeted, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Donald Trump would later proclaim in a speech that every American citizen has a duty to not only respect the American flag, but to fly one in front of their home, too. “We are gonna have so many flags… a huge amount of flags, folks… People will know that we made America great again when they see us, this I can tell you!” When asked how lower income families would afford this decree, he responded by alluding to the illegal immigration crisis, “I’ll tell you what… when we have taken in so many of their people…a lot of people… the least they (Mexico) can do is pick up the tab a little bit… it’s crazy that no one has said this before. The future commander in chief went on to say, “We can’t afford to keep losing… if they come here, they need to be flying American flags and paying for them… It’s the privilege of living in this amazing country.”

Enrique Peña Niet, President of Mexico, has already gone on record once stating that he would not pay for the giant “Wall” to be built around the border, but Trump made no mention of this in the recent speech. The president-elect’s transition team is “optimistic about future negotiations”, and, “aims at establishing a strong relationship with Mexico and its people.” Advocates of the possible flag ordinance are optimistic that Mexico will pay for the request, since it will be much cheaper than the billion-dollar wall-building project.

It should be noted that although America has never seen this sort of executive action before, some foreign nations have implemented similar policies in regards to regional appreciation. Germany underwent comparable rules in regards to patriotism in the 1930’s and 40’s, and contemporary North Korea assigns a wide-range of tasks to its citizens so they can better express their national gratitude.

Putting the bickering aside, Americans everywhere seem to agree on one thing, we all want what is best for this nation. The American Tribune vouches to keep you updated as the story unfolds. God bless you, and may God bless The United State of America.