On The Emotional Effect Of The Syria Strike


In the hours following Trump’s air strike on a Syrian base, much coverage has been devoted to looking at the possible effects that it may have. Among the most looked at is U.S.-Russian relations. Following the attack, Vladimir Putin stated that the attack has dealt a “significant blow” to relations, while Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev went as far as to say that relations have been “completely ruined“. However, Trump did warn Russia of the attack beforehand, averting any Russian casualties. The fact that Russia did not defend against the attack is being pointed to as a sign of implicit consent to the actions.

This has all been analyzed ad nauseam by countless others. What has not been looked at is the emotional toll this will have. Up until now, Trump and Putin have had somewhat of a bromance. Now, it appears that each has lost a good friend. A loss of a close friend has been shown to lead to an increase in aggressive behaviors. Given that these ex-friends are the two most powerful people in the world, this could easily end in disaster. We can only hope that emotions can be kept in check, because if they are not, the fallout of this breakup could be apocalyptic.