Facebook Internally Testing New Reactions


It’s been around a year and a half since Facebook first introduced additional ways to react to posts other than to ‘like’ it, and it’s users have been in ‘love’ with the new reactions. However, many have been asking for additional ways to show their thoughts on the posts they see, and it looks like Facebook is listening to these requests.

In a leaked screenshot from the internal ‘Facebook Changelog’ group, seen here, an employee is shown announcing that there are new reactions available for internal use, and instructs other employees to test them out on the post. The top three reactions to the post are the thinking, praying/clap emoji, and fire emojis, all of which are completely new. While there have been some additional temporary reactions, such as the ‘Thankful’ and ‘Pride’ reacts, it appears that these emojis are being considered as permanent additions.

Each of these additions would add to the range of reactions that are possible on the platform, as well as the granularity with which Facebook is able to analyze how its users feel about the posts they see. It will be interesting to see whether Facebook ends up calling the second emoji in this image. There has been some rather heated debate about this up to now, and Facebook’s decision would likely have a rather large influence on how it is used in the future, should they decide to move forward with it.

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