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FBI Confirms Hillary Gave Classified Information to Foreign Countries! has confirmed what we have all been thinking: Clinton has betrayed our nation. According to the FBI, "the FBI now has announced that they are “99% sure” that at least 5 foreign intelligence agencies were able to hack into Clinton’s private server and acquire items of national security."

This is not an accident. These leaks are the direct result of her trying to cover up her criminal activities with her private e-mail servers. As a result, the nation's security has been compromised, leaving us open to attack by nations like North Korea and Iran.

However, there is suspicion that this was not an accident, but rather a way for her to funnel profits into the supposed "charity" the Clinton Foundation in return for access to national secrets.

According to Lou Dobbs, "Investigators are now, as I said to you at the outset, 99% sure that as many as five foreign intelligence agencies were able to hack into the Clinton email server."

Although the election is now over, we should remove our eyes from Hilary. This is someone Trump needs to convict and punish just like promised. We must make sure this national menace receives the justice she deserves.