This Flat Earther Learned a Lesson During the Eclipse


At least one flat earther has reportedly gone blind following today’s solar eclipse. The flat earther, who posted that he was having trouble seeing after looking at the sun for an extended period of time with no protection, had previously stated that the solar eclipse glasses being sold for a couple dollars by multiple vendors were in fact “NASA-approved hologram glasses”, said he would be “proudly looking at the sun as the eclipse happens”.

Flat earthers believe that the earth is flat, contrary to what NASA, the Illuminati, Freemasons, and the Jews tell us. Clearly, according to flat earthers, something is afoot. After all, how can looking at something dark be bad for your eyes?

“I think this eclipse is a great opportunity to learn more about what the Sun and Moon really are, rather than what the (((roundheads))) want you to think they are”, said the flat earther, implying that the Jewish community is behind a conspiracy to fool the global community into thinking the earth is round. The American Tribune hopes that this gentleman learned something from his experience other than that the sun is really, really bright.