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GMO-Free Marijuana to Hit Colorado Market in 2017

After nearly 3 years of legal marijuana in Colorado, GMO-free marijuana will be hitting the markets in 2017.

"I know marijuana cures cancer, but I just can't smoke it knowing that it contains GMOs," local resident Jonny Blossom stated. "I can finally smoke in peace like nature intended."

Colorado dispensaries expect a huge burst in traffic from GMO-conscious customers, especially medical dispensaries.

However, cannabis growers are upset at this "non-GMO" trend. "I've been growing pot for years," Aurora grower Autumn Skye told the American Tribune. "We wouldn't have so many strains if it weren't for genetic modification."

The new non-GMO strain, Untampered, is currently undergoing laboratory tests to determine if it is fit for human consumption, and will be sold in Denver dispensaries in March if it passes these tests.