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Horrifying Drug Fad: Teenagers Snorting Used Condoms to Get High

With marijuana now legal in 8 states, teenagers are looking for a new “cool” drug. And the results are not pretty.

New Canaan, Connecticut teen Samuel Vanderbilt was hospitalized for a possible semen overdose after snorting 19 used condoms Thursday night.

The 17-year-old is in critical condition, Norwalk Hospital reports.

“With all the semen in his system, we think a vasectomy may be necessary because there’s no way he can ejaculate all of it out”, a nurse reported. All surgical procedures will not be done until the boy is in stable condition.

Vanderbilt, before falling unconscious, reportedly was “so f**kin high” due to the impact the semen had on his respiratory system. The high reportedly feels “euphoric”, but carries severe risks, as in Vanderbilt’s case.

If you find your teen raiding your trash can late at night, they may be attempting to get high off your used condoms. To be safe, refrain from engaging in protected sex until the drug fad is over.