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How a "Russian Hacking" #FakeNews Story Fooled Liberals Everywhere

Fayetteville, AR — Hats off to all you degenerate liberals out there being herded along by Fake News over stories about "muh Russian hackers." Bonus points to those of you who realize you're simply reigniting the Red Scare and ultimately working to bring about Cold War 2: Electric Boogaloo.

So here's the breakdown: "Anonymous CIA Officials" claim Russia managed to 'hack' the U.S. Presidential election by covertly accessing the email accounts of various Democratic officials (how about that private server, Hillary) & then released certain disparaging e-mails to Wikileaks.

But, there's only one problem with that, well, several: The Washington Post notes...

  • Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY) "doubted the veracity of the intelligence"

  • A Senior U.S. official was quoted as saying the CIA does not have specific intelligence proving the Kremlin "directed" or "identified" e-mails to be shared with Wikileaks

  • Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange stated in a televised interview that Russia "is not the source of the leaks,"

But it's not just those three guys making "fuzzy & ambiguous" allegations like the CIA, we also have the NSA standing against this Fake News story being pushed by the Clinton News Network and other liberal cesspools.

William Binney, the NSA executive responsible for the agencies mass-surveillance program, who managed six-thousand NSA employees over a 'legendary' 36 year career is crying foul against the CIA as well, stating, they don’t have proof and just want to war monger the US public into a second cold war with the Russians.

While these reports likely won't calm the flaming liberals natural desire for destruction, at least we can remain confident that this proves, once and for all, that the CIA is at best-grossly incompetent & should be dismantled or at worst-lying to the American people and thus, grossly incompetent & should be dismantled.