The Impeachment Process Has Begun


The past week has been a full of a flurry of controversies for Trump administration. The sudden firing of former FBI Director James Comey, followed by the intentional leaking of highly sensitive intelligence to the Russians, has left Trump with the highest disapproval ratings since he took office. And now, things are just getting worse.

While Trump technically did not break any laws, some are arguing that his actions over the past week constitute a failure to perform his duties as president. This is grounds for impeachment under the 4th clause of the 25th amendment.

While a motion for impeachment has not yet been made, Democrats are working on gaining bipartisan support for impeachment. While this may seem unlikely, remember that there are many Republican members of Congress who strongly oppose Trump. If Trump is impeached, Mike Pence, a much more traditional conservative, will take his place. It is possible that a motion could be made in the next couple days if it gains support.