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It is likely that Russia has hacked all US elections since the Bush administration, says FBI, cyber experts

Washington, D.C. — The FBI and Department of Homeland Security recently released technical details of Russia hacking the U.S. election soon after President Obama announced Russian sanctions. The Obama administration ordered 35 Russian operatives to leave the US over election hacking. The report indicates that the most recent hack was shortly before the 2016 election, but experts estimate that Russia has been hacking US elections since 2008.

“By analyzing how Russia hacked the US mainframe, and how outdated our Visual Basic voting system is, Russia has probably meddled with more than just this election.” Cybersecurity analyst James Krebs says. "I would highly encourage President Obama to issue an executive order to rewrite all US systems in the much more secure language, such as Node.js."

Diebold, the company responsible for much of the technology in the election-systems business, claims that its electronic voting systems weren't affected, and that the hack was targeted at the DNC headquarters in DC, which host the voter data.