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Jill Stein Asks If HAARP Used On Standing Rock

In a sad turn of events, the warrior protestors of the Standing Rock Sioux are facing a devastating blizzard just days after receiving word that they have won their fight to stop the DAPL.

Being declared a humanitarian crisis, the protestors are asking for aid of any kind and for help if you have the equipment to safely reach them.

This "coincidental" weather shift has some eyebrows raised, however.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, a known conspiracy theorist, has submitted Freedom of Information Act paperwork for any and all projects occurring at the Alaskan geophysical studies site known as HAARP.

This machine blasts high frequency radio waves into the ionosphere. By doing this it can manipulate the earth's atmosphere and create pockets of phenomena that wouldn't exist naturally. The main idea, according to Jill Stein, is that this machine is being used to manipulate the atmosphere above the Standing Rock protest site, in order to run them out of the area so the pipeline can be covertly constructed.

The site was allegedly decommissioned by the United States military in 2013, but most critics and truth advocates declare that it is still in limited operation and is being used strategically by the government to create a crisis whenever they need attention diverted.

Is this another whacky Jill Stein moment, or are we watching a blatant attack upon our countrymen by our own government?

We will keep you updated.