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Jill Stein Donates Recount Funds to Planned Parenthood

Jill Stein has reportedly donated the remaining recount funds from her attempted recount to planned parenthood. She cited the failure of the recount effort as a major factor in the decision, saying that “Planned Parenthood will need all the help it can get to make it through a Trump presidency”. Trump has said that he will defund the organization upon taking office. This development follows her previous statements that she would donate the leftover recount money elsewhere. As a “women’s rights advocate,” Stein has had a soft spot for Planned Parenthood.

This video shows Stein on Stossel endorsing her support for late-term abortion.

Planned Parenthood has been at the center of controversy for years, as it provides medical services for women, including “free” birth control, and abortion clinics, funded by taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood has notoriously performed late-term abortions, and allegedly has sold the bodies of fetuses for profit.

When asked about her stance on Planned Parenthood, Stein reiterated that “their services reach far beyond abortions and can save many lives through cancer screening, prenatal services, and adoption referrals.”