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Jill Stein to Run for President of American Yoga Foundation

After another failed presidential campaign, Jill Stein has decided to leave political life and run for president of the American Yoga Foundation.

"As a former doctor, I recommended yoga to all my patients," Stein reported. "As part of my presidential campaign, I would go out and teach yoga to show that my campaign is all about peace and spread the word about mindfulness."

Stein has been a member of the organization since 1996, and has showed up to every conference since. The conferences are held annually on April 20.

"I really enjoy being able to see Jill every year," fellow yoga instructor Kathryn Budig stated. "I voted for her in the election, but she's had no luck, so I really believe she can do amazing things with this organization." Budig also claimed that Stein "cured her depression" and "inspired her to start teaching yoga".

The relationship between Stein and Budig is mutual. Stein said that Budig inspired her to step away from politics and make this "huge change" in her life.