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Kanye announces that his music career is for his PhD

Kanye West is a hip hop/fashion mogul, entrepreneur, songwriter, rapper, designer, tv personality and a…PhD Candidate? Kanye West recently announced on Twitter that his career, which was started in 1996, was for a PhD in Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. Kanye West’s candid views and life outside of his musical career have successfully received substantial attention from the popular mass. Kanye’s tweet reads in 2 parts:

"As I'm nearing the end, I'm officially announcing that I am a PhD Candidate at the"

"UC Berkeley in Philosophy. I am expected up for review for the PhD at the end of December. Thx 2 those who supported me"

When questioned if his actions and career were all to receive his PhD, Kanye responded that at first he started his musical career to start saving money for his degree. Once it became a hit, he decided to change his thesis to integrate his musical career. As he became an important figure in the musical industry, he realized that he could perform experiments with his fans by being an outspoken an controversial celebrity to gather honest criticism and bring out the “truth.”

Good luck Kanye!