‘Little Egypt’ Water Park Coming to Marion

The new water park will create over 150 jobs for the region.

Little Egypt Water Park
Little Egypt Water Park

A new waterpark is being planned for construction in Marion. The Giraldo Brothers Development Corporation have been working to create a plan for the largest water park in within 200 miles. Construction is expected to begin in May 2018, and if the timetable is kept, it should be in operation by Summer 2020.

“We are looking forward to working with the people of Southern Illinois to bring them a great experience and create over 150 jobs in the region,” said Robert Giraldo at a press conference announcing the park. “We’ve been working to acquire the land in the area for the past year and we are excited to begin the next phase of development on the Little Egypt Water Park.”

The park was so-named for the area’s nickname of Little Egypt and a company spokesman says that the park will be Egyptian themed, complete with a “Lazy Nile River.”

“This is fantastic,” says Herrin native Linda Hartman, “our kids need something to do in the summer and it’s great that they’ll finally have something to do other than play video games all day.”

“It’s been rumored for years that some big attraction will come into the area, but it’s never panned out. I’m glad to finally have a water park in the area.”