Mashable is a scam and we need to talk about it

Mashable is a scam... We need to talk about it

Mashable, if you haven’t heard of them you’ve almost definitely seen one of their numerous posts around the internet. The media company was founded in 2005 and is known for their clickbaity headlines and sensational stories. The company has been called out for posting fake news numerous times, Snopes has even called them out. But that’s all beside the point, Mashable is a scam for a different reason. Seriously.

Let’s take a look at some of their posts, shall we? Look at this one, right after Apple launched the iPhone X.

Click-bait, but harmless. Right? Let’s take a look at a post they made just 7┬áhours earlier.

Pretty shitty eh? But that’s not all. After all of this came another post

Mashable needs to be stopped. This happens constantly where they post shitty articles, littered with ads, and comments littered with people arguing. By posting sensationalized articles with clickbaity headlines. People will share simply because they like the title. Then other people will share other posts that have the exact opposite content.

Mashable. Stop.