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New Details on Trump's Radical Immigration Plan

Quantico, VA — The looming appointment of four-star Marine Corps General James 'Mad Dog' Matthis as Secretary of Defense confirms our earlier report detailing the President-elect's radical plan to tackle illegal immigration...and ISIS.

Tribune readers will recall the #TrumpTwitterDump showcasing leaked DMs between Mr. Trump & respected political insider Alex Jones & we are now able to officially confirm via a leaked Transcript of the Nov. 19th meeting, confirmed by the Washington Post, between Trump & the man known for his aggressive invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, James Mattis, centered around Trump's bold plan to use illegal immigrants to combat & eliminate ISIS in a plan dubbed "Operation Maximum Overdrive".

"I want this done immediately," the President-elect fired off in the closed door meeting at Trump Tower. "Mr. President, if I may be honest. I find your projected numbers quite low," Mathis continued, "Why only 5 million? Hell, by my estimates, we can drop all 11 million by Independence Day. Women, little boys, abuelas, abuelos. S***, somebody has to cook the Cinna Stix and Cheese dip, and it ain't gonna be any of our boys."

Seemingly pleased, the Reality TV star turned Commander in Chief replied, "Mad Dog, this is why we love you. It's Maximum Overdrive." After clinking martini glasses with the President-elect, the man known for such powerful orations as "It's fun to shoot some people" & "PowerPoint makes us stupid" simply smiled and said, "Maximum Overdrive, Mr. President."

News of Jill Steins "Marijuana Dinner Party" seem to have cashed the 3rd-Party recount check early, but immigrant & minority communities across the country are still finding themselves & their neighborhoods agitated & used as the battleground for Soros funded social justice warriors & delusional Clinton supporters feeding off unwarranted fear & opportunity in an effort to cash in on the state of civil unrest they caused this election season. The now verified reports of the incoming Secretary Defense supporting Operation #MaximumOverdrive is sure to put a damper on an already dreary holiday season.