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New Study Shows Masturbation May Lead to Arthritis

A recent study suggests there may be a link between masturbation and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The study, conducted by the Perelman School of Medicine, included 243 participants from ages 18 to 35. Researchers found that when controlling for age and other variables, participants who said they masturbate either “frequently” or “very frequently” reported much higher rates of arthritis than the control group.

The study also found that those who responded that they masturbate “somewhat frequently” also had significantly higher rates of arthritis than the control group, but to a lower extent. Broken down by gender, all groups showed to have higher rates of arthritis than control groups. Males were found to have more cases of arthritis of the wrist or elbow, while females were found to have more arthritis in their fingers and knuckles. Participants who responded “other” had increased rates of arthritis in all of the previously mentioned locations.

The researchers concluded that it is very likely that masturbation increases the risk of arthritis. “The goal of this research was to see if there were any health risks associated with masturbation, and I think we definitely have evidence to suggest so” said lead researcher Dr. Larry Jameson. He added that they “had some issues identifying participants for the control group”, but that nonetheless, “the results are undoubtedly statistically significant”.

Dr. Jameson suggests to stop masturbating completely to minimize your chances of developing arthritis, and that at the very least, limiting your frequency of masturbation will decrease your risk.