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Obama Bends Knee to the Pagans?

San Francisco,CA-In another 'final hour' shocker, the Obama Administration has doled out another anti-American acuquiecense, this the Pagans?

The frigid temperatures weren't enough to cool the liberal flame sparked by the outgoing Commander in Chief, when the Department of Motor Vehicles, at the behest of the Main Secretary of State allowed a purported 'Pagan priest' to wear Goat Horns in a state issued identification card.

That's right, real goat horns. “There are exceptions for religious headdress,"said Kristen Muszynski, spokesperson for the Main Secretary of State. Citing passages provided by the Plaintiff, Phelan Moonsong, the spineless bureaucrats bent their knees and allowed this freak show to dance all over our democracy.

The self titled "Priest of Pan" said he sent the state one of his, get this, own personal essays outlining the importance of his proudly adorned horns, along with four other "scholarly works", including one titled “Pagan Religions: A Handbook for Diversity Training.” And it worked.

alt Roughly 30 states offer their residents constitutional protection for religious expression-according to Charles Haynes, the founding director of the Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute. But is this really the kind of message we want to be sending to our children?

While it may be fine and well to adorn yourself with various animal parts or fictitious Indian headdresses at places like Burning Man or other liberal hangouts, bathhouses, etc.-let's not set a precedent that teaches our children it's ok to sacrifice chickens to Moloch or whatever these sick freaks actually believe.

If nothing else, think of the brave men & woman in uniform who will have to try and decipher whether or not the reptilian shapeshifter or furry pedo-bear in the driver's seat is who they say they are

Supporters are urging President-elect Donald Trump to respond to the growing #PaganProblem and suspect his recent meeting with rumored MK Ultra victim Kanye West may have something to do with it.

For better or worse, January 20th can't get here soon enough.