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Old Man Saved from #BlackLivesMatter Protesters by Courageous Dog

When Herb Matthews left his home at Charlotte, NC, he never expected what would come next: an assault from #BlackLivesMatter protesters in the Promenade. Herb was taking his dog, Scout, for a walk, after a brief trip to the pharmacy for his arthritis medication.

Upon reaching the main area, he walked through a BLM protest, and got very upset with the way all of the protesters were looking at him. He noticed many of them giving him the "evil eye" and whispering to each other. Overhearing phrases like "old white man," "entitled dick," and "uncultured ****," Herb told the protesters to stop using "such foul language and disturb someone else."

This resulted in an outrage of a much greater magnitude than he had ever expected. They started yelling at him, threatening to "silence his privileged white a**". Once push came to shove, they started hitting him with their protest signs. Charlotte BLM Protest Lead Ja'Nae Williams lead the charge on Matthews, followed by many others.

Up till this point, Scout was only barking at the offenders, but once they started assaulting Matthews, Scout ran into the group and defended his owner. He would bite at the ankles of protesters, and actually jumped onto Williams, knocking her to the ground. His persistence and loyalty to his owner resulted in the fleeing of the protesters from the scene, leaving Matthews bruised and injured.

Upon their departure, Scout looked around for the nearest aide and brought a nearby officer (who had already heard the noises from further down the street). After talking to Matthews and documenting the situation, along with the names of the perpetrators, Officer Brian Nelson helped Matthews back to his car and sent him and Scout on their way.

Matthews is very proud of Scout, saying that "he's a very good boy" and "knows how to defend those he loves."

When asked to comment, Scout declined.