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Opponents to Blame for Horrifying Plane Crash in Bolivia?

Medellin, Colombia — Shocking new details are emerging about the tragic plane crash this morning in the Bolivian mountainside which claimed the lives of at least 75 people. Players, coaches and journalists covering the Cinderella story of Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense and their storied rise from the Brazilian 4th division to the Copasudamericana Finals are among the deceased.

As fans and family members struggle to find peace, pieces of what appear to be a surveillance drone were found among the smoldering wreckage. ''I cannot at this time confirm that what we have found is as it appears. It's very hard, it's hard to speak...I don't even know what to say.'' Club Vice President Ivan Tozzo told a group of reporters huddled at a press conference outside of Arena Conda in Chapeco.

Questions began pouring in following a (since deleted) tweet by Brazilian news outlet 'Globo' which quoted an eyewitness to the early morning crash who claims he saw pieces of metal and bits of electronics emblazoned with the crest of Colombian side Atletico Nacional being swiftly removed from the area. The is not the Colombian club's first brush with controversy, having come under fire during last season's Copa Libertadores tournament when a Nacional ball boy was found hiding behind a vending machine in the visitor's locker room.

The unnamed ball boy initially denied any wrong doing, though after several hours of what FIFA President Sepp Blatter would only refer to as ''enhanced interrogation techniques'' admitted to being inspired by the work of Bill Belichick of the NFL's New England Patriots and to have been secretly recording and sending pre-game and tactical discussions to club representatives back in Medellin. Representatives for Belichick and Atletico Nacional have declined comment on this developing story.