Why The Pepsi ‘Protest Ad’ Was Actually a Success


Pepsi recently faced a lot of backlash following the airing of an ad showing Kendall Jenner using a can of Pepsi as a peace offering to police at a protest. Luckily for Pepsi, the outrage was short lived, as just a few days later, United took center stage with a series of PR missteps. While the ad was a tremendous flop with its target audience, it appears that the ad has actually resulted in a boost to Pepsi’s sales.

Following the ad, the Alt-Right has essentially adopted Pepsi as its unofficial drink. In addition to the ad, the similarity in sound to ‘Pepe’ has helped the symbol take hold. Members of the Alt-Right were seen reenacting the infamous commercial at the violent protests last week in Berkeley.

Video showing Pepsi being used by the Alt-Right

With the United debacle following so quickly, there was no time for an Anti-Pepsi movement to develop. So long as they continue to purchase Mountain Dew, this new following will surely be more than enough to offset the few who stopped drinking Pepsi due to being offended. And given that United only serves Coca-Cola products, Pepsi actually has the upper hand in this round of PR nightmares. While the ad may not have had the effect that it was going for, it was nonetheless a success.