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Police Officer Gets Drunk, Lets Kid Drive, Up for Promotion

Milwaukee police officer John P. Corbett is currently one of the candidates being considered for promotion to the rank of lieutenant. Chief Edward Flynn stated that part of this consideration is an “internal vetting process wherein the members' entire record was reviewed, including disciplines, open and closed investigations, administrative matters (e.g. use of force reports, squad accidents, criminal investigations, citizen complaints), fitness and history with the FPC."

In the case of Officer Corbett, part of this record includes a criminal misdemeanor charge in 2011, for which he served 30 days of jail time with a work release, in addition to 60 days suspension from the department. Corbett’s daughter, who was 13 years old at the time of the incident, told authorities that Corbett had her drive him home from a tavern in Fond du Lac County after a day of hunting and drinking in November 2010, only to take over the wheel himself when she got lost on the way back. When apprehended, Corbett refused to take a breathalyzer test. While The American Tribune applauds Officer Corbett’s efforts to avoid driving while intoxicated and use of a designated driver, we do believe that this incident could have been easily avoided. We believe that the responsible decision would have been to ensure that his daughter new the way back home before leaving.

When asked how the incident would play into the selection process, police spokesman Sgt. Timothy Gauerke stated that the the incident occurred six years ago, and there have not been any similar incidents since then. The civilian Fire and Police Commission will hold a meeting to discuss the promotion this Monday. Stay tuned for updates.