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Russian Spies Behind 2016 Holiday Season Celebrity Deaths

• POLONIUM and other radioactive substances found in large quantities by coroners

• DEADLY: An unusually large spate of high-profile public figures have died this Holiday Season including Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and George Michael - all now believed to be part of PUTIN'S PURGE of Western media critics

• NUCLEAR FEARS abound as this discovery plunges already icy US-Russian relations to the worst seen since the COLD WAR

In yet another blow for America's frosty relations with Russia this Christmas season, top Washington sources have announced that they have uncovered a plot by Russian intelligence agents to kill a number of high-profile celebrity figures, including Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise.

Sources have verified that the plot has already seen some success with coroners reporting Debbie Reynolds, George Michael, and the British author Richard Adams all having taken lethal doses of polonium and other radioactive substances, sometimes just hours before they passed away - and many more could be set to follow.

Poisoning critics of the Russian government is nothing new, with famous cases including the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko. However, this would appear to be the first such case against high-profile Western targets.

Military experts are saying that the primary purpose of this plot is notably to silence critics of its foreign policy and anti-LGBT stances.

News of this Russian plot has emerge just hours after President Obama has ordered the expulsion of some 35 Russian diplomats amid heightened tensions over Russia's unwavering support for the Syrian President and staunch Russian ally Bashir al-Assad, and of allegations of Russian interference leading to Trump's victory in the US Presidential elections earlier this year.