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Saban Steps Down: Turmoil in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, AL — Sources close to University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban have indicated that the legendary leader of the Crimson Tide has finally decided to call it quits.

Citing the Tide's embarrassingly uncharacteristic second-half collapse against Clemson in the CFP National Championship game as the primary reason for the sudden departure, shocking new rumors are circulating the internet and radio call-in circuit throughout SEC country.

Though as of yet unconfirmed, Saban is alleged to have entered in to some form of "gentleman's agreement" with a shadow figure known as "Joey Freshwater" dictating the terms of his retirement. No word yet on the specifics of the agreement.

Representatives for Saban declined to comment on the developing story & directed all questions to his agent, Jimmy Sexton. "You know, what Nicky did for the Tide was great, but he's.... Nutt the only one who can win" Sexton quipped with a wink.

Whether the high profile agent was seriously suggesting one of his other clients, Houston Nutt, as Saban's replacement or simply just misspoke is unclear. What's perfectly clear, however, is that whoever is tapped for the takeover in Tuscaloosa will have one of the toughest jobs in all of college football, mimicking the success of Nick Saban. Good luck.