Scientists Announce Major Breakthrough in Study of Gravity


Earlier today, scientists announced a major breakthrough in the study of physics. Up until now, it is not known through what mechanism gravity acts. It has been proposed that there may be an elemental particle, dubbed the “graviton”, which facilitates this property of mass, but no evidence has been found of its existence. Gravity is based off of our observations of the world, and it has been safe to assume that it will always act in the same way. That is, up until today, when a ball blocked by Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina inexplicably defied gravity.

The play has physicists around the world baffled. A baseball traveling at 82 MPH should not be able to stick to the surface on impact. But somehow, it does, as if Molina had turned into a baseball magnet. The only explanation that physicists can think of is that there was a temporal lapse of gravity in the locality of the baseball. See for yourself in the video below!