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SIU Closure Slated for August 13th

After years of budget crises and protests, the inevitable has finally happened at SIU-C.

State lawmakers have decided that the state cannot continue to keep the doors of the university open any longer and the doors will be closed on August 13th, 2017, prior to the Fall Semester.

Sources say this resulted from necessary Illinois state budget cuts paired with a recent drop in enrollment. The sources say that this enrollment issue is primarily due to parents not wanting their children at the school because of a recent uptick in campus crimes and protest activities. This pairing of state cuts and lack of revenue generation has caused the state to decide that funding would best serve the state at other facilities.

Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell refused to comment on whether or not the current rise in Social Justice Warrior activity, such as the recent Black Live Matters inspired protests, had anything to do with the drop in enrollment. Without comment on the subject of the protests, however, there is still reason to believe that the high profile murders of two young adults in the area being swept under the rug by city officials, has given parents and prospective students a cautionary eye when it comes to SIUC. Additionally the fact that SIU rates as one of the most violent campuses in IL does not go on to help that reality.

This is the sad start to a growing reality for Southern Illinois and one that should teach the region that being dependent on state dollars is a recipe for destruction. While the state facility was paying losing coaches three quarters of a million dollars it was ignoring its obligation to the students and region, to make sure it was financially stable for years to come. This egregious refusal to budget properly will now leave tens of thousands of students' education in jeopardy. What is one to expect though, from a state facility that overpays for every frivolous thing, like paying $4,200 for chartered flights for Chancellor interviewees, rather than making them pay their own travel expenses.

Maybe students at SIUC can come together to protest against the outrageous liberal tax and spend policies killing the state of Illinois rather than protesting in support of criminals, or to give state money and protection to illegal aliens on campus. Only time will tell.