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Starbucks Just Declared War on Christmas

Seattle, WA — Looks like Starbucks Coffee has landed itself in some hot water.

Earlier this morning, the company's new CEO Kevin Johnson announced plans to launch a new progressive-themed campaign in lieu of a traditional Christmas approach, introducing flavors like "Pride Latte" and "Winter Solstice Americano," referencing gay rights and declining to say Christmas, during the holiday season.

This decision set off some serious outrage from many Christian coffee connoisseurs, who were offended by the perceived disrespect.

One Christian who was very upset by the decision was Sarah Waldon of Dawson Springs, KY, who had this to say to our Tribune reporters:

"I am sick and tired of the liberal media normalizing homosexuality, and Starbucks shoving it in our faces! I just want my coffee, not to be lectured to! I'm taking my money elsewhere." she added.

When contacted, Johnson refused to give an official comment, saying that he had not yet begun his tenure as CEO yet and thus is not responsible for this new campaign—despite it being his idea.