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The Tribune's Hottest Music Artists of 2017!

New York, NY — This is The American Tribune's hottest rappers of 2017! 2016 led to the rise of so many new rappers that otherwise would have never been heard of: Desiigner, Madeintyo, Andy Kamath, and so many more. While The American Tribune normally refuses to get into liberal drama, the music we heard was too popular to refuse. Today, we're going to talk about whom we project to be the top 10 rappers going into the new year of 2017.

Starting from the bottom, we're going from:

10: Madeintyo

9: Travis Scott

8: Desiigner

9: Mark Zuckerburg

8: Donald Trump

7: N.W.A

5: Bernie Sanders

5 (tie): Hillary Clinton

4: Dalai Lama aka "Dolly Llama"

3: Jill Stein

2: IceJJFish

1: Andy aka &e aka &y Kamath

Andy Kamath is expected to release his new mixtape, Views from the 9, in early 2017. It's featuring some hot hits such as "Views from the 9", the eponymous single, "single like my relationship status", and many more.

You can view his single, Views from the 9, here. His website is at