Thousands of Flat Earthers Panic as Sun Mysteriously Disappears


Earlier today, countless flat earthers around the globe were seen panicking as the sun mysteriously disappeared. Flat earthers, who believe that the globe earth theory is a lie perpetuated by the Illuminati, Freemasons, and/or NASA, could not agree on an explanation as to why the sun was suddenly covered by what appeared to be an opaque disk of similar size. All they could agree on was that it definitely was not the moon moving in front of the sun, as the moon is a hologram projected from a secret base in Antarctica, incapable of producing a shadow. As one flat earther said, “we know more what’s not happening than what is happening”.
What they are sure is not happening is the orbit of the moon around the spherical earth is not bringing it between the Sun and the Continental United States.  Experts say it could take days or even weeks for flat earth scientists to publish a peer reviewed YouTube video explaining away the events witnessed today.