Tiffany Trump Caught Smoking Pot in New York Nightclub!

Tiffany Trump outside a NY nightclub.
Tiffany Trump outside a NY nightclub.

New York, NY — Tiffany Trump, 23, President Donald Trump’s daughter from his second marriage, found herself caught up in a sticky, icky situation at a nightclub on Wednesday evening—adding further support to the recently trending name #TwistedTiff used by fans and critics alike.

Details are scarce, but the rarely televised “Internet personality” was photographed being ushered (hands covered) in to a dark SUV by NYPD officers early Wednesday evening outside of famed 26th St. BDSM club “Paddles.”
Official sources in the Trump transition team have declined comment, though a leather clad member of the #TwistedTiff security detail assured members of the media that Ms. Trump was simply cited for a minor marijuana violation attributed to her confusion regarding cannabis laws in the Empire State.
The agent, requesting anonymity, ended the brief explanation by stating that Ms. Trump is looking forward to her day in court and to continuing her Father’s mission to Make America Great Again.

Though a recent Gallup poll shows more than 60% of the country supports legalizing marijuana use, the appointment of House Representative Tom Price (R-Georgia) to the position of Health and Human Services Secretary has Cannabis supporters (and one First-Daughter in-waiting) praying for a “price change.”

The hardline Peach State conservative and Attorney General has repeatedly voted against congressional measures limiting interference from the Department of Justice in to State-legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana industries, earning him a ‘D’ rating from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and energized supporters of the Anti-Marijuana movement.

Price’s Prohibitionist mindset squares perfectly with fellow anti-cannabis crusader Jeff Sessions in the office of the Attorney General. If Trump’s remaining Cabinet doesn’t balance things out politically, the highly visible & financially lucrative progress made by pro-pot activists during the Obama administration may go up in smoke.

And while there’s no word on where she’ll end up on Santa’s list, #TwistedTiff is definitely at the top of her Dad’s naughty list this Christmas.