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Top Scientologist: "L. Ron Hubbard Was A Black Man"

Los Angeles, CA — After years of secrecy, Scientology leader David Miscavige finally decided to reveal key information about the identity of the Church's founder.

Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology, had some shocking news about his former spiritual mentor who he had known since he was a teenager.

Speaking at the annual Conference of Scientologists in Hollywood, which included several high-profile church members such as actor Tom Cruise and singer-songwriter Beck, Miscavige stated that "L. Ron Hubbard was a black man" whose real name was "L. Ron Hoyabembe".

Given the secretive nature of the religion, this was news to everyone in attendance. Only Miscavige knew the truth, as Hoyabembe made him promise not to tell anyone about his true identity.

"For years, I kept that information bottled up inside," Miscavige recounted. "You see, When L. Ron was around things were different. The world was not as racially tolerant as it is now, and he was afraid his ideas would not be taken seriously if his true identity were to be revealed. But today, I look around and I see people of all different racial and ethnic backgrounds. I truly feel in my heart that the time is right for me to share this information with you. I hope it gives you some perspective."

Miscavige's speech was followed by a moment of silence in remembrance of all the unarmed African-Americans whose lives were tragically lost due to police brutality and systemic racism, and the event ended with a performance by the Black Eyed Peas.