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Tragic Ohio Shooting Caused by Muslim Syrian Refugee Let In by John Kasich

This week's tragic shooting at the Ohio State University was NOT an accident. It was the direct effect of Governor John Kasich's efforts to flood the state with Muslim refugees, causing crime, draining taxpayer dollars, and now murdering American citizens.

Ohio has received over 2,000 refugees in the last year, spearheaded by Kasich and the Federal government's desire to bring in more Muslims into the country and destroy traditional American values and carry out far left agendas. In fiscal year 2014, Ohio received the 7th highest number of refugees in the country. It is clear that that Kasich has answered the Federal government's call and has been directly working together to ensure that Muslims are a growing presence in the state.

Most Syrians were resettled in Columbus (over 4,700 of the over 5,000) where the OSU shooting took place. Monday’s attack on the OSU campus is the second such knife attack in Columbus this year by a Muslim immigrant.

John Kasich has been a long-time fan of Muslim resettlement in his state of Ohio. He has criticized President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign, saying Trump’s position on Muslim immigration was “excessive nationalism.”, despite the well-known dangers and risks of housing Muslim refugees.

John Kasich should answer for this. When more Syrians are let in, Americans will pay the price. If he does not stop his Muslim resettlement programs immediately, he will be choosing Muslims over Americans, and more tragedies are doomed to happen.