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Trump: "I don't consider myself a Republican"

NEW YORK, NY — President-Elect Donald Trump has made waves this past Monday by remarking that he wouldn't call himself a Republican.

In a radio interview conducted on New York's WNYC, in response to questions of Trump's party loyalty, Trump stated "I don't consider myself a Republican, not really." When pressed, Trump was quoted as saying "I don't like to pigeonhole myself into these boxes—although if I had to put myself into a category, I would call myself a New Age, post-socialist, pre-fascist Mussolini. But in a good way." Many have condemned Trump's statements, but many more have embraced them--even now, pro-Mussolini demonstrations are occurring at the nation's capital in support of the President-Elect's words.


Trump has since backpedaled on his statement, saying that he "totally got mixed up with that whole Mussolini thing." He went on to assert that "if anyone doesn't think I'm a true republican, just give my good friend Sean Hannity a call."