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Trump Set to Invite Snoop Dogg to Trump Tower to Discuss Marijuana Policy

New York City, NY — President-Elect Donald Trump is set to invite Snoop Dogg to Trump Tower in New York City to discuss the nations policy on Marijuana. Sources say Mr. Trump also had invited Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, but apparently they declined due to political differences. Mr. Dogg on the other hand apparently accepted as a way of reaching across the aisle, and hoping to come to terms with Mr. Trump.

When asked why he choose Snoop Dogg, Mr. Trumps answer was simply this:

"Snoop is a great guy, I love his music. He sings a lot about how enthusiastic he is about Marijuana and I thought: 'Hey why not invite one of the nations top experts to Trump Tower to brief me.'"

Sources also say that Mr. Trump also intends to discuss a potential branding deal, Trump branded blunts and strains of the plant. Mr. Trump is apparently doing this as a part of a long term strategy to appeal to the millennial generation. Strategists within Washington D.C. are skeptical, but Mr. Trump simply responded that the younger generations like both "dank memes" and "dank kush."