Trump Wants 0% Tax Rate for the Rich, Will He Get Away with It?

Trump's tax plan will benefit billionaires and Wall Street most.
Trump's tax plan will benefit billionaires and Wall Street most.

President Trump released the details of his new tax plan today. His tax plan cuts the tax rates of the richest Americans, including Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers. This tax plan also cuts Trump’s own taxes, which Americans are right to be suspicious of.

Trump’s ultimate goal is to cut the tax rate for the rich to 0%. Trump, being a wealthy individual, wants to cut his own taxes and the taxes of his friends. An staffer in the White House overheard Trump asking why we can’t cut the tax rate to zero for the rich.

“The rich create jobs, the best jobs. The more we tax them, the fewer jobs Americans will have. It’s time to stop taxing them and time to start making America great again,” Trump said at a press conference.

Stock markets closed at a high upon hearing that Trump will cut the taxes of Wall Street bankers and greedy billionaires.

“How will we fund Social Security or Medicare if the rich do not pay their fair share?” asked Sen. Bernie Sanders. “Cutting taxes for the rich does not help Main Street. Trump has to stop working with billionaires and the alt-right.

Trump’s tax plan must be approved by Congress, but already Republican congressional leaders are applauding his new tax plan. They, too, wish to see tax rates at 0% for the rich.

Activists around the country are in strong opposition to Trump’s tax plan and are encouraging Americans around the country to call their Congressmen and Senators and tell them to vote down Trump’s tax plan that favors the rich over the middle class.

“Our schools are broken, our infrastructure is failing, millions of Americans can’t get access to the healthcare that they desperately need, but Donald Trump doesn’t care about these Americans. Donald Trump only cares for his billionaire friends,” says Anna Gonzales of the progressive Center for Main Street America.