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Tufts University Creates “Rain-Free Zone”

In the latest string of surprising actions by Tufts University president, Anthony Monaco has made the executive decision to create a safe space for students who suffer from ombrophobia. Ombrophobia (also known as pluviophobia) is the fear of rain. It can cause panic attacks and the wetting of one’s pants. Although many children suffer from minor bouts of the fear, it occurs very rarely adults in the developed world. One out of every 800,000 person in the United States is afflicted with extreme ombrophobia. This equates to less than 400 cases confirmed in the United States. Roughly 3% of the world has at least a mild form of the plague. With these facts in tow, it seems clear that Anthony Monaco’s rationale was valid. As the president of a university (particularly one as diverse as Tufts), he must promote an environment of inclusivity.

The new “rain-free zone” will be a safe space modeled off of gun-free zones. Costing an estimated $2.3 million dollars, it will be located in the center of the campus quad and include a completely “dry” recreational center. A picture of the proposed design is included below.

Perhaps even more surprising, of all 400 cases in the United States- none of the afflicted attend Tufts University.