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We Can Stop Trump, But We Need Your Help!

If you’re among the majority of Americans who did not vote for Trump, you’re probably looking for any way to stop him from taking office. Well, it looks like there might actually be one! The idea, based of this Time Magazine article, is that if the millions of voters who’s voices were ignored in the elections pledge to not to pay their taxes as long as Trump is president. It’s a long shot, but it actually could actually work. Basically, if enough people didn’t pay taxes, the government would not be able to function. That means that they would have no choice but follow the will of the people. It doesn’t even have to come to that. The electoral college has not voted yet, so there is still time to flip the electors. If enough people sign this, they will have to take this initiative seriously, and it could pressure them into siding with the voters.

Of course, it’s illegal to not pay your taxes, but the system is not built to handle millions of people not paying taxes at the same time. They just don’t have the resources. Anyways, why should you be forced to pay for something that you don’t want? Trump wants to take your money and build a wall. He wants to use it to buy bombs that will be dropped on families in the Middle East. Do you really want to let him do that without a fight?

With your help, we can stop him. Right now, what you need to do is sign this petition, pledging to not pay your taxes if we reach our goal. Then, share this with anyone you can think of who also wants to stop Trump. This part is key, because the only way that this works is if everyone is on the same page. Then maybe, just maybe, he will be #NotOurPresident.