What I’ve Learned From Being a Cuckold


As I write this, my partner is having unprotected sexual intercourse in the other room with three strangers that she met at the club. I can hear her screaming from pleasure, as the men penetrate her from every direction. Once they are finished, I hope to be allowed to taste their seed inside her. Maybe next time, she’ll even let me watch. Now, you’re probably wondering what I get out of this. As a nu-male, I believe that it is my duty to please my partner in any way I can. Some people say that thinking this makes me a ‘cuck’, a ‘degenerate’, or worse, but I believe a more accurate term would be ‘nice guy’.

Many wonder how it started. The answer is that one night, I was in the bathroom when my partner returned home with another man, and began to have sex with him, not knowing I was there. Instead of barging out in a rage, I found that her being pleasured turned me on quite a bit. I had never been able to pleasure her as much as this man did. I watched silently from behind the bathroom door as this man ejaculated inside my partner, feeling a way that I had never felt before. Once the man had left, I emerged from the bathroom, and told my partner that I enjoyed it very much, and would like to do this again. Ever since that night, my partner has performed a multitude of sexual acts with a plethora of individuals, while I have watched, listened, or even just been told about after the fact. Sometimes, she allows me to pleasure myself, but most of the time I am made to wear a chastity device.

Being a cuckold has taught me how to find satisfaction in others pleasure. Ever since my partner began to bring home other men, women, and others, I have became a much more charitable person. I now spend the majority of my spare time volunteering at the local women’s shelter. While nearly all of the women there have had terrible experiences with men in the past, they find me to be non-threatening. Hearing their stories only fortifies my resolve in my choice of lifestyle. I wish that I could bring these women the same joy I bring my partner by allowing her to pursue sexual relations with anyone she desires.

Many feel that this is a sign of weakness, or a symptom of a degenerate society. I, however, find strength through empowering my partner to do as she chooses. While I by no means believe that this lifestyle is for everyone, I do think that it would do a lot of good to the world if there were more men like me. I believe that if it became socially acceptable for men to be submissive, and women to become the pursuers, instead of the pursued, rape culture could become a thing of the pass. I urge all men reading this to, at the very least, try cuckolding. Who knows, maybe you’re a cuck too!